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Simbolic Behavior - Matching to Sample:

Louis in a matching task with 16 choices - [06/2008]
Identity and continuity: Do Capuchins Monkeys watch movies as we do? [2009]
Simbolic Behavior - Arbitrary Matching:
Social Behavior in Captivity:

Eusébio playing with different objects. The beggining of an animal wellfare project. [2009]
Preta returning to her home. [2009]
The parents of Chica, Cotoh and Eva. [2009]
Tool use:

Espontaneous use of tools in captivity - [03/11/2008]
Tico drinking water from a plastic bottle - [29/09/2009]

Experimental School for Primates on the TV Show Semear, at TV Cultura (in portuguese) [16/09/2009]
(Starts at 21:15min.)

Núcleo de Teoria e Pesquisa do Comportamento
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