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Clique para ampliar. The Experimental School for primates is located at “Campus Básico” of the Universidade Federal do Pará, near the Gate 2 (Portão 2).

Clique para ampliarHousing facilities

The housing facilities comprise four home cages for the adult monkeys, one special home cage for the infants, one quarantine cage. All cages are located in an open-air area close to the laboratory building.

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Laboratory facilities

Laboratory facilities include two experimental cubicles, each equipped with two experimental chambers as shown. Each of the four experimental chambers has a microcomputer equipped with a touch-sensitive screen and pellets dispensers. In most of the experiments, the subjects respond to the presented stimuli by directly touching the computer screen through a window in the chamber. According to the experimental contingencies, food is presented in small trays located above the computer screen.

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Procedure Room There is also a procedure room for the routine inspection and low complexity intervention by the veterinarian team.

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Control room

Connected to the experimental cubicles, there is a large control room where the researchers do all the experimental session programming and data analysis.

Pics by: Rubilene Borges e Abraão Fonseca

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